Thursday, January 31, 2013

Candy Soda Can Earrings

On Etsy here.

So this isn't really a tutorial, but it's kind of cool, and hopefully will give you guys some ideas.  I love making jewelry, and although sometimes I plan out my projects, other times I just do it on the fly to match whatever it is I'm wearing before I rush out the door.  For example, my soda earrings.

I got these soda candies at a candy store in Fire Island a couple years ago, and I saved the adorable bottles they came in just in case.  Well, one morning I decided to make them into earrings.  It really only took a minute.  I just took 2 old earrings, removed the charms, and connected them to the "tabs" on the soda bottles.  I didn't even need jumprings.
Anyway, this is just a reminder that anything can be jewelry.  Dollhouse furniture especially works nicely.
You  can find the soda candy on Amazon here.


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