Thursday, January 31, 2013

Paint Chip Necklace

So I keep seeing the awesome necklaces and earrings made out of paint chips.  Well, we just painted my living room, and I have all these paint chips left over, so what do I do?  I make a necklace!  I din't actually use a tutorial, but I think it came out pretty well.

First, I chose my colors.  I used some blues, but you can do it with any colors.  I used 5 colors, 4 from one strip, and 1 from a darker strip as an accent color.
Next, I cut them into abstract shapes.  I did a lot of rain-drop-ish shapes, but you can do whatever inspires you, as long as you make sure they all have one end that is pointy (this will be the top end.)
Now arrange your pieces where you want them to be on the necklace.  I made two of these, one with all of them ending at the same spot, and one where they ende separately   I'm only going to teach you how to do the one where they all end at the same place, but they both look cool if u can figure it out yourself.  Here is how I arranged my pieces, but you can do whatever you like!
Next, glue your pieces together.  Regular old Elmer's Glue works fine, but use as little as possible.  After you've glued them, take a small rectangle of scrap paint chip, fold it in half, and glue it over the pointy end of your charm.  Then, use a pin, tack, or needle to poke a hole through the rectangle.  It should look like this:
Then insert a jump-ring through the hole you poked.  Close the jump-ring  and put it on a necklace chain.  And you're done!!!
My two versions of this necklace.

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