Thursday, April 4, 2013

Shrinkydink Kiss Studs

Sorry I haven't been posting.  I was in mexico. So that was cool.  But if you need this blog for procrastination purposes (looking at you Nancy) I apologize sincerely.  I really do.  Anyway, One time my friends and I were studying for a test.  Well, sort of studying.  Anyway, we put on lots of lipstick.  It was hot pink.  And we kissed a map I believe India a lot.  It was very pink.  I liked the shape, so today I'm making tiny shrinkydink kiss studs.

First, I just took some shrinkydink paper.

Then, I put on a lot of hot pink lipstick, so that was fun.  Then I kissed the plastic on the shiny side.

Then on the non-shiny side (I'm sure there's a smart word that isn't non-shiny) I traced the lipstick kiss mark with red colored pencil.  Then I used four different colored pencils to color in and shade the plastic.  You can do it however you want.  You can even make it in green.

I cut out the plastic.  If you want, you can cut out the center, but you're going to have to glue on earring backs so I don't know if that will work.

Then I just traced and recolored the same thing on another bit of the plastic.

Then I baked them as the instructions told me to.

Next, I used Elmer's glue to glue on the findings.

I let that dry.  And that's it.

Yay. Okay.  Goodbye.


PS  Nancy, do your HW!


  1. I don't like graphing parabolas!

  2. I already did my math!!! Yay! I win!

  3. YOU DID NOT. So I win!