Saturday, March 9, 2013

Aluminum Can Jewel Earrings

So, yes, I am doing another pair of soda can earrings.  They are different from the other earrings  but yes, in name at least, they are similar.  Anyway, I drink one or two sodas everyday, so I decided that I should try using the cans for a pair of earrings.  I love how Coke changes their cans around a lot, so I took one of the Diet Coke winter cans and earring-ized them!

That's the can I chose.  I like how it has these nice silver and gold colors (I think it's actually the caffeine free Diet winter Coke) but keeps the classic Coke red.  Anyway, so first I cut around the top and bottom of the can with a mat knife, and up and down the can.

Then, cut the can into three sections.  I made sure that my shape (you'll see it in a second) fit into the sections I chose in a way I liked.

Next, I traced my pattern onto a piece of paper.  I chose a simple jewel design.  I then placed the pattern where I liked it on the can.  I cut two of the shape.

Next, I used a black sharpie to draw the jewel lines onto the two charms.

Then I used a pin to put a hole through the top of each of the charms and put two jump-rings in each hole, one through the other.

Finally, I just added two earring backs.

And there you have the cheapest pair of diamond earrings ever!  Also, as you can see, I made a pair of simple circular earrings.  They are actually signed by Brandon Statnon, the creator of the popular blog Humans Of New York.  I met him as part of the prize for winning a competition he ran.  Anyway, super cool, under 5 dollar earrings!


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