Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Thrifting Guide

So I have spent a lot of time, and shockingly little money thrifting, and I love it.  It may be the best thing, right after my readers (awww, aren't I sweet) and right before food.  Yep, I said it.  Before food.  I know!  It's that good!  Anyway, I have picked up  few tips, and I think that you guys should be able to share my glorious mis-mash of knowledge from around the internet, my friends, and even a few strategies from me!

Okay, so I have a few basic rules to help your thrifting experience be as amazing as it should be.

  1. Set an item price limit!  I find that I get the best (and most!) stuff when I just go for the things that are 3 bucks instead of 8.  It may seem trivial, but I always walk out a lot happier when I have a couple of great shirts and not just one pair of shoes.
  2. Buy cozy things!  Don't be afraid to buy something just because you want to wear it around the house on a rainy Sunday.  You need to get that giant sweater from somewhere, and thrift shops are just about the right place to do it. 
  3. Go by section!  Choose what you want most, and just move through that section.  For example, if I want a skirt, I'll find where the skirts are and just move along that rack until I'm done.  THen, I move on to the next section.  Thrift shops can be intimidating, and you have to take it bit by bit.
  4. Skip over things!  If there is a section that is all yellow, and you absolutely can't STAND yellow, than skip it.  You probably won't find anything, and your thrifting time is precious.
  5. Don't be afraid to give up! I know that sounds weird and a bit backwards, but if you aren't enjoying it, than it isn't worth your time!  Just take a breath, and come back some other day. 
  6. Try on at the end!  It is exhausting to try and keep stopping and trying on each piece you find, and it blocks the aisles.  So grab all the stuff you even remotely like, and when you've scoured the store clean, then find a quiet corner with a mirror and try on EVERYTHING. This also helps you keep track of your budget and compare your pieces. 
So that is my very limited and simplified thrifting guide.  There is an awesome one on my favorite thing ever, Rookie.  So go and thrift, my minions!


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