Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Polymer Clay Statement Rings

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while!  I was really sick, and then I was in Portland, Oregon on vacation.  But it's okay, because I got vintage buttons!  No longer shall the button hoarders exclude me!    Anyway, I also want to let you know that we got featured on an awesome blog, Cool Mom Picks, which is very cool!

So here's a new tutorial!  I've been doing these weird bubbly doodles, and they inspired me to do a ring.  So here's what you do!

First, take your polymer clay, and soften a chunk, and roll it into a thin strip.  Make sure the ends are nice.

Make sure it fits around your finger however you like.  Mine wrapped around my finger about twice.  Then, take a piece of clay, and roll it into a sphere.  Crush the sphere, and roll it into whatever shape you like, making sure it's about 1/8th of an inch thick.  I made mine a long oval.

Now, take a new color, and roll a few spheres of different sizes.  Also do one sphere of yet another color (sorry I didn't include that in this pic.)

Then, cut the spheres in half, and make sure they stay round.  Then just press them gently onto the thin shape you made earlier.  Put the circles as close together as you can.  Try to fill in the holes as much as you can.  You may want to take some little bits of clay and fill in the gaps.

Now, roll up the strip you made earlier so it fits around your finger easily, and can slide off.  Press it to itself to make sure it sticks.  Press the new charm you made into the strip.  It's fine if the charm is bent, and you have to fill in more gaps.

Then bake it according to the directions with your clay (Oh, btw, I didn't have any clay baking mishaps!  Self high-five!)

And there you are! Weird doodle to Ring!

I did a few other patterns too!

And that's it!  Feel free to experiment!


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