Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cup Fringe Earrings

I keep seeing cute bobby-pin earrings on the internet, but I have no spare bobby-pins.  Yep, story of my life.  Sigh.  Oh well.  So I was doing this tutorial for a pen holder (which I will post later, maybe) and I had the top half of the paper cup I was using just sitting there all chopped up, and I saw how the top part of the cup curled over, and I thought I could maybe make earrings out of that.

So first I took my paper cups.

Then, I cut off the top part about an inch down by slitting it.

I then cut off the tabs.

I chopped up each of the little pieces into little-er thinner slits, about the same size.  I did 8 of them, but you can do however many you like.

I then painted them in stripes of nail-polish.  I used Sinful Colors, which is thick enough to cover the little bits of colors on the paper.

I then used a pin to poke a hole in each of the strips at the top (not the curled edge.)

I then just put a jump-ring through each of the holes.  I also connected two groups of four of them with another jumpring

I then put the top jump-ring onto an earring finding.

They are bright and colorful, they follow the fringe trend, and they do not use up my limited collection of bobby-pins.


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